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For many laser applications, it is important to know what your laser beam looks like beyond a simple wavelength and energy density measurement. Beam profiling tells you about your laser beam's spatial characteristics, intensity, propagation, beam quality, and ultimately how useful it is.

The unreliable information often provided by burn pattern methods leads to unreliable results and processes. This is where specialised beam profiling systems have the perfect solution. Non-subjective, they assign an exact, repeatable and accurate value to physical properties such as divergence, diameter and ellipticity.

The Laser 2000 range of beam profilers contains two types of technology, Scanning slit, or 2D Detector Arrays (cameras). The mechanical design of the head and the type of detector define the measurements that the systems take. The software presents the information about your beam profile visually, in a powerful, logical format. Furthermore, you can export your data into a range of standard laboratory post processing applications.

The majority of all beam-profiling applications can be handled by one of the WinCamD series. Provided that your beam size is greater than around 50 - 100µm, the WinCamD provides detailed, meaningful information about the energy distribution of the laser beam under test. The WinCam captures an entire beam profile in a single pulse and at rates of 10 Hz or greater. In CW mode, it has a dynamic range of 30 dB, suitable for most applications.

Scanning slit systems are more effective where your beam size is less than 50 µm, or where you require a high spatial resolution and accuracy. Scanning slit systems provide resolutions that are 10x better (0.1 µm) and are able to measure focussed spot sizes of less than 1 µm. They have significantly higher dynamic range (>43 dB) and are able to show finer detail.

There are options for measuring M² in both the Scanning slit systems and camera systems. The best option is the BeamMap2 system, which provides real-time M-squared measurement. An optional scanning z-axis lens accessory equips the Beamscope-P8 and WinCamD with an M² measurement capability.

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LBPbeams 3um44mmScanning Slit Laser Beam Profilers for beams 3µm. to 44mm,BeamScope-P8 Linear scanning systems ISO 11145 compliant.

Scanning Slit Laser Beam XYZΘΦ XY Profiling,Beam'R2 and BeamMap2: Real-time XY Plots, M-Squared Measurement with single and multi-plane totating slit profilers

Camera Based laser Beam Profilers,WinCamD and BladeCam Series: Compact,Portable,Port-Powered,USB2.0 Beam Profiling Cameras for Windows

Beam Profiling Cameras for Direct Imaging of Larger Beams,TaperCamD USB Beam Profiling Cameras for beams of up to 15mm diameter.

Accessoires for Beam Profilers,A range of laser beam profiler camera accessoires.

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