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Universal laser Systems designs laser plotter tables "big" printers in which the user places the product that has to be engraved or cut.

You can directly control the laser  from CAD software, CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator  The laser works as easy as a printer. The system is equiped with intelligent printer driver software including an extensive materials library. The user can quick start without reinventing the wheel.

Depending on the settings the laser will do(vector) engraving, marking and / or cutting. This laser plotter tables based on CO2 and fiber lasers, can be used for working with wood, leather, rubber, paper, cardboard, plastics and even glass and metal.


Products of Universal Laser Systems

The plotter tables are of course available in various sizes.

The desktop VLS2.30 is a compact and very economically priced model. The machine is designed to allow a company or educational institution to build laser technology knowledge. Its compact form factor is ideal for businesses with limited space. The VLS2.30 is very suitable for prototype development and on-demand production and small series.

The desktop VLS3.50 is the bigger brother of the VLS2.30. This machine has a larger field and laser power can be up to 50 watts. This system is used for educational purposes but looks great in an architectural office. The VLS3.50 is also a good choice for starting your laser business
The VLS platform series is a freestanding platform model designed for light production. The VLS systems are also installed in many educational institutions around the world. Especially architecture, product and graphic design and materials research programs are using these systems. It can be selected from six laser cartridges with an increasing power ranging from 10 to 60 watts. The VLS systems are available in a number of table formats

The PLS is a series of 3 table sizes The machines can accommodate a 10 to 75 watt laser source. The PLS6.150 even has room for 2x 75 watt laser, together added up to 150 watts of laser power for handling thick materials. The patented super speed function is available on this system. High engraving speed while maintaining quality are a feature on these systems. The machines are used in companies where production is high.

The PLS6-MW multi-wavelength machines are similar to the PLS6.75 in size. However, this laser platform is suitable for both CO2 laser with a wavelength of 9.3 um and 10.6 as well as for a 40 or 50 Watt laser fiber . With this machine you can mark both shiny metal, cutting thin metal foils but also PET, PMMA editing and many other materials.

Laser Interface + Features

Laser Interface + is a printer driver that uses a materials database. You choose a type of material and material thickness, then the driver picks up the proper laser parameters. Of course you can also manually select the power, speed, pulses per inch and other system settings. Laser Interface +, combined with the Universal Control Panel (UCP), gives you complete control over your laser system

1-Touch Laser Photo

1-Touch Laser Photo is an exclusive Universal Laser Systems software application that allows you to quickly and easily mark almost any photo. 1-Touch Laser Photo has special filters to edit your image so that the contrast and laser settings are matched The software is very simple. In a number of steps you establise the perfect laser file.


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