ULO Optics

ULO Optics provides CO2 laser optics, beam delivery systems and laser safety shutters. 

We often sell these ULO Optics products together with our Synrad CO2 lasers. The beam delivery systems from ULO, like the COMPACT series, comprise of lenses, corner mirrors and tubes. From these parts, one can construct an eye-safe beampath for the laser beam to the material surface.

ULO optics also supply high power lenses, mirrors, and f-theta (flatfield) lenses for laser scanning systems.

Products of ULO Optics

Laser2000 is the official ULO distributor for the CO2mpact Beam delivery components. Click here to download the full CO2mpact catalog.

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Other products:

Our productgroup: Laser Safety, Laserbeam Handling, Optical Components

Applications for ULO Optics Products

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