Quantel is specialist in flashlamp pumped YAG lasers, double pulsed lasers and pulsed fiber lasers.

From way back Quantel manufactures flashlamp pumped lasers. These lasers are extremly reliable and are still an important part of production. At the same time Quantel shows it can handle new technologies with diodepumped and fiberlasers in their portfolio. Quantel has the reputation of reliability and lifespan in scientific and industrial applications.Specially the Ultra,  CFR and Centurion series are extreme robust; not a single laser from these series will be delivered prior to a temperature cycling and vibration test!

Quantel has released it’s new overview brochure, containing all of it’s lasers, including the new QSmart series and Evergreen HP series. Follow this link to flip the pages and read.

Quantel made some videos that show the robustness in a very clear way;
with an aquarium and paint-shaker machine !

New Evergreen PIV lasers:

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