Piezosystem jena

piezosystem jena develops and manufactures piezo electrical stages for high precision motions in the range of nanometers.

piezosystem jena is one of the worldwide leading providers in the field of nanopositioning. The development department of the firm assures innovative new developments as well as the allocation of customized solutions.

Products of Piezosystem jena

piezosystem jena provides innovative piezo stages in the field of actuating elements such as

New: the nanopositioner PZ-700: 700 micron z-axis with central aperture.

Our productgroup: Piezo- en Micro-motion

Applications for Piezosystem jena Products


piezo actuators are suitable for applications at low temperatures and vacuum. The piezo actuators and positioning stages are characterized by a unique precision in the nanometer range, generate forces of several thousand Newton and achieve precise positioning in micro seconds. With these specifications the products are well qualified for applications in

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