Osela manufactures laser line projectors for machine vision applications. Osela's key technology is the adaption of the light intensity accross the length of the line, such that the uniformity of the line is optimal. Osela's knowledge is so extended (and patented) that the intensity can be adapted to compensate reflections from your products in such a way that the camera always sees a nice homogeneous and thin line projection.

Osela's specialty is the manufacturing of pattern generators for machine vision applications.
Osela has been doing that since 15 years.
Osela's laser modules are superior in terms of optics, pointing and focus stability especially for multimode laser line generation.
Other than some competitors who simpy buy a powell lens from China and
put them in front of the laser beam, Osela really puts design effort in their laser modules:

1. Osela's lasers are thermally neutrally designed which gives a good stable pointing and focussing.
This is good for the accuracy of your machine vision measurement.
2. Osela has many focus lengths and focus depths that you can choose from, to optimize the module for your application.
3. As for the laser line, manufacturing a line generator with a multimode laser beam is not trivial.
Osela custom make the laser line optic for each laser, optimizing the form so that you can get the best uniformity.
4. Each laser is characterized for uniformity and straightness so that this information can be shared with the user.

With their extensive experience and knowledge of line lasers, Osela can continuously improve their products and customize to
customers demands. Standard laser projectors suddenly become flexible modules,
which can be optimized for any machine vision application.

Products of Osela

See our Machine Vision website with description of OSELA Random Pattern Laser and Line Projectors.

Our productgroup: Imaging and Inspection

Applications for Osela Products

De grootste markt voor Osela is de machine vision markt. Camera's kunnen veel nauwkeuriger en sneller registreren doordat de lijnpatronen en intensiteitsverdeling geoptimaliseerd zijn op de specifieke omstandigheden.

Echter ook in de lifescience en chemie zijn de speciale bundeleigenschappen die Osela haar lasers kan meegeven erg praktisch. Particle counting en microscopie kunnen voordeel hebben van de beam shaping specialisatie van Osela.

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