OPTA (D) designs and builds optical tables and breadboards.
Only high-quality materials are being used. Pricing is maintained at an attractive level and at a very competitive performance regarding damping as well as insolation.

Nearly all breadboards are in stock and are available in different thicknesses.

Tables are build application specific, with an average leadtimes of 3-4 weeks.
There are ample possibilities with respect to the shape, dimensions, aperture, non-magnetic versions, special machined surfaces. All tables are suitable for cleanroom applications.
There are different types of legs and isolators available, dependent on the requirements with respect to load and optional automatic horizontal leveling.

Transport and installation into the destination room is being entirely done by the specialists of the factory.

OPTA has systems available for clean air and dust reduction in order to keep optics free from dust particles.

Technical advantages of the OPTA breadboards and tables:

Products of Opta

Our productgroup: Piezo- en Micro-motion

Applications for Opta Products

Last year, a special OPTA optical table has been installed at the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam, section Biomedical Engineering & Physics. This department is involved in research of cell structures and testing of optical measuring techniques on biological materials. For this, high end microscopic and spectroscopic setups are used.                                   

This vibration isolation table (2,4 x 1,5 meters, with M6 hole pattern) has been custom designed for an existing microscope, for significant reduction of environmental vibrations. The microscope platform is adjustable in height and can be used for different types of microscopes and working heights.

Typical applications for OPTA vibration isolation tables:

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