Opotek builds tuneable OPO lasers form UV till MIR on the base of Quantel YAG lasers

Tuneable OPO lasers; that's Opotek's speciality. The knowledge of OPOTEK is within the OPO crystals, the pumping, the conversion and the tuning.The narrow caloboration with Quantel(manufacturer of the YAG lasers) enables Opotek to take resonablility to deliver  complete integrated OPO systems: pumplasers + OPO in one housing !  

This is THE strong point of the OPOTEK OPO lasers; the customer buys a compact, transportable and stable laser without the alignment "hassle".The standard control-software manages the pump, the tuning of the OPO as one laser.

Specification wise the OPO ranges in the UV, VIS, NIR, MIR; pulses 10Hz-single mJ to tns of mJ -typ 5ns.

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