Solid state light systems specially designed for bio-analysis and microscopy.
Lumencor designs and manufactures light sources based on a combination of LED and solid state technology.

They are intended to replace the conventional lamp sources, such as those used,among other things, in life-science and bio-microscopy analysis.

Lumencor is committed to develop innovative, high quality light engines that facilitate rapid, sensitive, accurate analyses.  We offer lighting solutions to support the demands of researchers and manufacturers. Our optical excitation subsystems are designed for bioanalytical instruments including fluorescence microscopes.

The Lumencor light engine provides unique and independently operable sources and the complete ensemble of optical elements typical of any optical subsystem, all in one compact, easy to use box.

We provide discrete outputs through the UV-VIS-NIR spectrum from a proprietary mix of independently controllable solid state sources. Lumencor’s products provide the power of an arc lamp with the durability, stability and flexibility of a solid state solution. Lumencor products are available in OEM and off-the-shelf configurations.

Products of Lumencor

SOLA white light source; an fully developed solid state replacement for gas discharge lamps. The SOLA gives continuous white light from 380nm to 680nm. Software can control from every major brand microscope; the compatibility is ensured. Compared to conventional metal-halide lamps, this cool light source; stable, robust and UV / IR-free. Alignment problems of conventional lamps can not occur; the solid state SOLA has an expected life of over 15,000 hours and 3 year warranty. Moreover, the SOLA has a light-blanking function for integration with high-end cameras.

SPECTRA-7; a powerful, clear, stable, sustainable and controllable light source. The light spectrum is optimized for the most commonly used fluorophores. 7 independent outputs cover the entire visible spectrum. You not only have the choice of the different spectral bands, but also from three spectral bandwidths so you can adjust the output perfectly to your specific experiment.

SPECTRA-X; a powerful, clear, stable, sustainable and controllable light source, in a version with 6 independent internal sources. The SPECTRA-X offers the user the opportunity to create change bandpass filters. Lumencor can deliver up to 21 different filters in the VIS spectrum. This allows you to adjust the spectrum perfectly to your application. The unit does NOT use filter wheels; there are no moving parts.

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Applications for Lumencor Products

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