Labsphere is integrating specialist and produces around that a range of diffuse reflection standards, lamp and LED analysers,UV-SPF analysers and uniform lightsources.

Knowledge and experience in integrating sphere instrumentation and diffuse reflection.
Labsphere is a company with an enormous amount of knowlegde about integrating spheres,diffusion light-measurement,uniform lightsources and diffuse reflection materials.Labsphere builds a complete lightmeasurements systems from the ground up according to the customers specifications. Labsphere specialises in diffuse calibration standards, uniform lightsources for camera calibrations light measurmentsystems for LED's,  lamps and SPF analysers.

Products of Labsphere

Our productgroup: Light Sources, Measuring Light

Applications for Labsphere Products


NEW: Photometric and Optical Measurement Services 
We now offer certified measurements of your luminaires and LED sources, at the certified facilities of our partner institute, the ELI in Amsterdam. Please contact us for the variety of measurement capabilities.

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