KoreaKiyon has over 20 years proven record in design and manufacturing one of the most advanced gloveboxes for research and mass production customers worldwide. To do this, KoreaKiyon is making its constant and relentless efforts to develop the best quality glovebox system components like purification systems, solvent traps, sensors and vacuum chambers.

KoreaKiyon is supplying its own branded gloveboxes to global customers, including the USA and Europe. KoreaKiyon believe that its installed base of over 1000 gloveboxes shows that KoreaKiyon has been clearly recognized as a supplier of high quality gloveboxes and a competitive player in the global market.

As taking full advantage of its geographical location; i.e. working with local mass production customers and R&D centres like Samsung, LGE, it differentiates itself for manufacturing specialized gloveboxes for display, energy, flexible electronics, lighting, medical, optics and solar applications.

Products of KoreaKiyon


Gloveboxes; 2-port, 3-port, 4-port, 8-port.

High safety and performance gloveboxen

Customized gloveboxes




Gas Purification

Solvent Purification

Some strongpoints of these systems:

  1. Touch Panel software to control the glovebox is customer friendly and self-intuitive.
  2. The KoreaKiyon purifier has a large absorbent volume and a big blower capacity so the glovebox condition is faster at the less than 1ppm.
  3. Our O2 and H2O Analyzers are actually sensing the atmosphere of the glovebox, compared to other manufacturers that measure the atmosphere in the circulation piple.
  4. The quality of the KoreaKiyon O2 sensor is much better than usual to withstand solvents.
  5. KoreaKiyon is used to customize the gloveboxes. The custom fit glovebox systems are not much more expensive than the boxes in the catalog.
  6. KoreaKiyon is the first and only N2 glovebox supplier to Samsung SDC for their new 8G OLED glass factory line.

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Applications for KoreaKiyon Products

Laboratory and industrial applications in e.g.:

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