HÜBNER Photonics offers one of the industry’s broadest ranges lasers. Exceptional laser designs with unparalleled reliability is a reality.

The highly-flexible and extremely compact laser combiner, the C-FLEX, lets you combine up to 6 wavelengths out of 17 available wavelengths.

C-FLEX is field-up-gradeable and ready to mount various Cobolt lasers.
The flexible design enables integration of optional AOM modulators that allow fast modulation of DPSS lasers.

The C-WAVE is the tunable laser light source for continuous-wave (cw) emission in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range. Its technology is based on optical parametric oscillation (OPO) and it is fully computer controlled. Thus, it allows you to tune from blue to red and into the near-infrared without any change of dyes or optical components. This makes C-WAVE a flexible and user friendly laser for your applications.

Products of Hubner

C-FLEX: Compact & flexible laser combiner

C-WAVE: tunable laser light source

Our productgroup: Lasers

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