Ultra-compact Diode-pumped and Diode-Laser Manufacturer.

CrystaLaser designs, develops, manufactures and services diode-pumped solid-state lasers in ultraviolet, visible blue, green, red and near infrared wavelengths. For scientists, engineers and original equipment manufacturers around the world. The laser products are well recognized in scientific and industrial laser community all over the world.

The diode-pumped crystal lasers are based on our proprietary coupled-cavity laser technology. This global patented technology allows the green, blue and infrared solid-state lasers to operate

in an ultra-compact housing with very low power consumption.

Products of Crystalaser

CrystaLaser offers true CW lasers and Q-switched pulsed lasers in the wavelength range from ultra-violet, blue, green, yellow, red to infrared, and the output powers from 1 mW to over 3 W.

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Applications for Crystalaser Products

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