Coherent LMC

In the highly sophisticated industry of photonics, Coherent, Inc. leads the way.

Offering reliability, cost, and performance advantages for the widest range of commercial and scientific research applications. Coherent -LMC offers a range of laser measurement and control products. These include: laser power meters, laser energy meters, laser beam diagnostic instrumentation, laser mode measurement tools and spectral analysis instruments.
Because of our long term experience with these instruments we have been appointed preferred distributor in the Benelux for these products.

Products of Coherent LMC

  • Power meters
  • Energy meters
  • Wavelength meters
  • Spectrum analysers
  • Beam analysers 
  • M² meters

LabMax-Pro meter

The recently published new LMC catalog (2015) is now available as PDF download. By clicking on below picture you will be able to retrieve it.

2015 Laser Measurement and Control Catalog


Our productgroup: Measuring Lasers

Applications for Coherent LMC Products

  • Control and monitoring
  • Laser service
  • Laser manufacturing
  • Laser OEM machine building
  • Beam analysis

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