Cobolt from Sweden is a succesfull company manufacturing DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) lasers. Cobolt is growing rapidly these last years: their patented "periodically poled nonlinear crystal technology" with flexible power scaling proves to be a winning platform.

Why can we propose Cobolt lasers to you without any doubts?

Their new, powerful and compact solid-state lasers are allowing smaller equipment size, improved sensitivity, lower power consumption and lower life-cycle cost in large variety of applications. Cobolt is on the very forefront of this development:

 • Single longitudinal mode DPSSL
 • Excellent beam quality M² < 1.1
 • Low noise < 3% pk-pk,  • patented PPKTP crystal technology
 • OEM and CDRH controller versions
 • Hermetically sealed cavity

This is at least enough to continue exploring Cobolt's possibilities. Our customers who own a Cobolt laser already, will absolutely confirm this!

Products of Cobolt

At this moment, 18 wavelengths in various power levels can be supplied in single frequency DPSS format:

The MLD series direct modulation diodelaser modules are available at these wavelengths:

New; higher MLD power levels see this press release.

New; Rumba 1064nm with 400mW from a compact platform. See this press release.

Cobolt can fiber-pigail her lasers with SM/PM fiber.

Our productgroup:

Applications for Cobolt Products

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Here you can request technical information about the products from Cobolt