Cambridge Technology

CTi is world leader in the field of galvo’s and beamsteering projects.

Products of Cambridge Technology

Galvos & Mirrors

Includes the popular 6000-series galvo’s and the low noise / low drift 8000-series, with available mirror coatings and sizes.

Servo Drivers

Tells you about the analog 67x series analog drivers, and the DC900 series digital state-space drivers.

Scan Heads

Explains about our ProScan1 and ProScan2 series XY-scanheads.

3-Axis Systems

Explains the theory of 3-axis scanning and gives the specifications of our ProSeries-II and Lighting-II systems.

Lightning II Platform

This is our top level 2D/3D scanning system; higher accuracy, higher speed and lower drift delivered under very high duty cycles.

Scan Control Products

Includes our ScanMaster Designer software, The ScanMaster and boardlevel API’s, and our hardware controllers SM1000, EC1000 and SC500.

Technical Learning Centre

With background information including “choosing a galvo”

Please find the links to technical specifications below:

Galvo Selection Guide

Analog servo controllers

62xx series standard galvo's

83xx series high stability galvo's

Our productgroup: Laserbeam Handling

Applications for Cambridge Technology Products

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