Admesy developes and produces fast colorimeters for high-quality and industrial applications. As a result of the fast measuring speed, combined with a high accuracy, these sensors are very applicable in production environments but also for product development and research. 

The instruments of Admesy distinguish themselves by their flexible build-up and usability. The supplied software suite is extremely powerful and can be adopted according customer’s wishes. The software reports parameters like color-coordinates (like XYZ, Yxy, CIE L*a*b*, Yu’v’, L*C*h) and also reports time-dependent curves (trend-analysis). The instruments can be triggered externally and can be connected via USB or RS232.

The sensors can measure up to thousands of measurements per second, which not only increases the application in production lines but also generate possibilities for researchers to measure fast effects like start-up or temperature effects.

Products of Admesy

Admesy products have been designed to be used in production environments with an accuracy that is as least as good as the instruments in laboratories.

Brontes: the product to be measured, like LEDs or LCD display radiates light that can be measured directly with these probes.

Steropes + Brontes: the product to be measured does not radiate light but is (partly) transparent. This transparency is being measured. Examples like glass, coatings, foils or liquids.

Arges: for the measuring of paint and (diffuse) reflective properties of products. Examples like paint, plastics, coatings, paper, e-reader screens.

Vates: like Arges but now with illumination under several angles and measuring under several angles.

Hera: High end spectrometer available for several wavelenth ranges.

Cronus: Worldwide the first combination of a very accurate spectrometer with a fast colorimeter.

MSE: a fast colorimeter in a small rugged housing

Cylon: combination of illuminationsystem and fast colormeasurements to deliver high speed and stable accurate measurements.

Asteria: high-speed measurement device suited for Luminance, Illuminance and Flicker measurements.

Our productgroup: Imaging and Inspection, Measuring Light, Optical Components

Applications for Admesy Products

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