TMC Optical Tables

TMC is a world leading manufacturer of high-end passive and active vibration isolation optical tables and breadboards.

Some unique characteristics of TMC tables:

These characteristics result in high stiffness and the best vibration damping performance.

Products of TMC Optical Tables

Research Grade 784 Series

Provides the ultimate in optical top performance. Unmatched in the industry, Research Grade performance combines the smallest cell-size and highest core density with the unique CleanTop® design, all-steel construction, and the highest level of structural damping commercially available.

TMC optical tablesResearch Grade CleanTops are recommended for the most demanding applications including interferometers, holography, and ultra-fast lasers, as well as the most severe floor vibration environments.

For the best overall vibration control, consider combining this top with a LaserTable-Base™ support, a hybrid air/piezoelectric, 2-stage vibration cancellation system.

Scientific Grade 783 Series

Scientific Grade has the same design features as Research Grade including core size and density, CleanTop cups, and all-steel construction with reduced damping. Peak compliance levels for Scientific Grade damping exceed peak compliance levels of Research Grade damping by a factor of 4.

Laboratory Grade 781 Series

Provides an economical performance level for the least sensitive applications in less severe floor vibration environments. The Laboratory Grade is appropriate for general lab applications where the primary requirement is for a rigid, flat mounting surface.

TMC’s optical tables are divided in mainly two categories:

  1. The more compact and ergonomically CleanBench® workstations with maximum dimensions of the table surface of 90 x 150 cm, and
  1. The larger optical tables with dimensions up to 150 x 480 cm and thickness of 20 to 60 cm

There are many possibilities with regards to the finishing of the optical tops (Stainless steel, Stainless steel with hole pattern, magnetic, non-magnetic, etc.), availability of accessories, Cleanroom compatible tables, levels of vibration damping, vacuum compatibility, custom sizes and shapes with through-holes and ports, joined optical tables etc.

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Applications for TMC Optical Tables Products

Typical markets and application areas:

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