HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING Real Snapshot Technology by Cubert

The spectral cameras by Cubert GmbH in Germany are state-of-the-art hyperspectral and multispectral acquisition and imaging systems to be mounted on a UAV, in the field or in a laboratory.

Cubert cameras combine the spectral precision of hyperspectral push-broom sensors (linear scanning cameras) with the ease of use of snapshot cameras (imaging spectrometers). The cameras are lightweight, with various wavelength ranges and generate a multitude of hyperspectral data cubes per second (!) without image distortion.

Products of Cubert

Three Cubert imaging spectrometer cameras are:

Examples of the Cubert hyperspectral cameras

The Cubert Utils-software for camera control, image recording and data analysis is a user-friendly solution for hyperspectral snapshot cameras. It offers easy access to spectral data, including spectral correction. The Cubert Utils software now comes with the new Plugin Interface for spectral data processing.

Available Cubert Utils versions are: Light, Developer and Professional.

Our productgroup: Imaging and Inspection, Instrumentation

Applications for Cubert Products

Hyperspectral applications are in

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