High power spatter free welding with blue lasers

A big step forward in the spatter-free welding of copper and other yellow metal sheets with high power blue lasers.

NUBURU® makes high-quality metalworking and processing with high quality with the powerful high-performance blue lasers.

NUBURU® blue laser technology breaks new ground—available as either a standard AO™ laser or high-brightness MISAKI™ laser—by enabling radical gains in speed and quality in existing metal processes, as well as also unlocking a path to new designs for both conventional laser-metal machining and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Spatter-free copper welding enables a large number of new applications not addressable with infrared lasers.

Ruben van Rossum is our industrial laser specialist. He is happy to assist you.

Products of Nuburu Lasers

The AO-150 is a blue 150W laser with high brightness (200 micron fiber) and is very suitable for welding thin sheets of "difficult" metals such as copper and aluminum.

Compared to the absorption by metals of a standard fiber laser, the absorption of the blue laser light order is 5-20 times higher - and that of course has strong advantages for the welding process.

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