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A revolutionary twelve-in-one test and measuring instrument Moku:Lab

Replaces 12 instruments in your lab by just one single multi-functional device for a fraction of the cost. Laser 2000 Benelux introduces this revolutionary tool that is powered by a handy app.

The four most important instruments: 

  1. Lock-in amplifier
  2. Bode analyzer (frequency response analyzer)
  3. Arbitrary waveform generator
  4. Phasemeter

And, just two of these instruments cost more than the complete Moku:Lab!

Moku:Lab brochure

The Moku:Lab connects high-speed analog inputs and outputs to fast reconfigurable digital signal processing. Moku: Lab can measure, record and generate signals up to 200 MHz. The device features an FPGA and a stable 10MHz clock.

Moku:Lab now brings the power of 12 test and measuring instruments within reach and extends monthly with new tools. The Moku:Lab hardware can be configured in a few seconds for a completely different function.
Switch between an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, waveform generator, phase meter, data logger or lock-in amplifier, right from the Moku:Lab app on your iPad. Or put the Moku:Lab in as a PID controller, bode analyzer FIR filter builder or Laser lock box.

The  license-free updates of the Moku:Lab app can also be used for any later test and measurement tools. The Moku:Lab can also be communicated via Python scripts or the MATLAB and LabVIEW interfaces.

The Moku:Lab:, a revolutionary all-in-one test and measurement device for your lab

Products of Liquid Instruments

(without IPad)

The Moku:Lab:, a revolutionary all-in-one test and measurement device for your lab


Waveform generator

Spectrum analyzer


Data logger

Lock-in amplifier

PID controller

Bode analyzer

Digital filter box

Arbitrary waveform analyzer

FIR filter builder

Laser lock box

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