Design and Analysis Software

Laser 2000 supplies two optical design and analysis suites:

The first one is FRED: opto-mechanical engineering software that allows you to import a CAD structure, and analyse it optically. FRED allows users to combine optical elements with mechanical structures quickly, and let it raytrace to analyse efficiencies, false images, straylight, aperture positions etc, taking into account diffuse reflections off the walls. It is possible to not only raytrace lightbeams, but also to analyse and optimize complete luminaires.

The second software package we think is very important to introduce here, is ProSource. ProSource allows you to analyse your LED screens, lightsources, monitors etc. down to single pixel level. The source can be simulated based on the metrology data for further analysis and correction algorithmes can be implemented. ProSource can also be used to design ray-sets, that can be imported into optical design programs like FRED.

Products for Design and Analysis Software

Photon Engineering - FRED

Opto-mechanical design software