Laser 2000 offers products from 50 well known and new brandnames. Our products are devided into various groups.

Do you have any questions about our products please contact one of our team members.

Instruments and Metrology

Measurement equipment, offered by Laser 2000, is categorised in various groups: light metrology, laser analysis and electronic equipment. Find out more about measurement equipment that we offer on the following link instruments.

Light sources

Laser 2000 does not sell your normal lightbulb but highly specialized lightsources like: uniform lightsources for camera- en sensorcalibration, UV-lightsources for UV-blocking measurements and spectrally adustable LED-lightsources for forensics and microscopy. Check out the possibilities on the following link light sources.

Optical Components

Please read information about optical filters, detectors, photon counters and other opto-mechanical products that you can order at Laser 2000 on the page optical components.


Laser 2000 offers a range of lasers. For the industry we offer lasersources for OEM's and complete lasersystems for material processing, like laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking. Laser 2000 has devided the range of laser in the following groups: industrial laser systems, diode lasers, fiber lasers, solidstate and gas lasers. Researchers will find many nice diodelasers, fiberlasers and solidstate lasers for their use.

Laserbeam Handling

In most life-science en material processing applications, the laser beam must be able to scan or write. Laser 2000 offers solutions for laserbeam handling with various techniques like galvos, AOD's and LC-arrays.

Laser safety

In the productgroup laser safety you will find information about: sagety goggles, curtains, windows and alarm systems.

Motion Control

Laser 2000 offers a range of motorised translation- and rotationstages, cross- and goniostages, together with mirror- and lensmounts. Read more about motion control. We like to do custom-designs!

Tele- and Datacom Products

Laser 2000 offers a wide range of optical components, passive en active, submodules and T&M equiupment for the optical telecom en datacom market.


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