Engraving & Sign

Engraving & Sign (Lasermarking)

Laser Marking is possible with different types of lasers. The material determines the wavelength (color) of the laser. A CO2 laser is used for organic materials such as wood, plastic, textile, paper, leather and rubber. A Nd: YAG laser or fiber laser is mainly used for (shiny) metal and an excimer laser for very small marks in polymers and glass.


The laser beam is deflected to the work space using mirrors. A high quality lens transforms the laserbeam into a small spot. With this laser spot, sometimes less than 0.1 mm, extreme accurate markings can be produced.


 A lasermarking can have various advantages compared to the use of inkjetprinters and labels.

XY(Z) lasersmarking systems (laser engravingsmachine)

There are several ways to transport laser beam to the workarea. In many cases, the laser beam will be deflected by a few mirrors  Next, the laser beam is focused by a lens cutting through the material. By moving the lens back and forth quickly basically a high marking is produced(laserrastering). For example a vector file from the AutoCAD software vector after vector will be written 


Products for Engraving & Sign

ACI Laser

YAG marking and engraving stations


Lanmark Controls

Galvo interface hardware and software



10-400W Co2 lasers


Universal Laser Systems

laser marking and cutting tables