ULO Optics's CO2mpact CO2 Beam Delivery System

The CO2mpact range from ULO Optics is a cost-effective solution to..

..low-power beam delivery that is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to order.

Laser users require high quality, low maintenance beam delivery components priced in proportion to their laser investment. Complex beam delivery systems can prove to be expensive if a skilled technician is required to spend many hours on alignment and maintenance. The new CO2mpact range has been specifically designed to address this issue.

CO2mpact is a complete series of products that fulfil beam handling requirements from the laser mount to the nozzle tip. The units are suited to most CO2 lasers of up to 500 watts with clear apertures 16.4mm.

System drawings available

System drawings of the CO2mpact Beam Delivery system are available upon requestULO Optics' experienced and highly knowledgeable design team are happy to provide system drawings upon request, to enable swift implementation of your CO2mpact Beam Delivery system in to your Laser system.

CO2mpact Units

Each component of the CO2mpact Beam Delivery system is described here with its external dimensions in mm and main part numbers. For full information and technical drawings on each of the components please view the relevant technical datasheet.

Example System

The drawing above shows an example CO2mpact setup.


Datasheets are available for all of the products in the Co2mpact product range:

* CO2mpact Beam Expanders
* CO2mpact Mirror Blocks
* CO2mpact Beam Injector
* CO2mpact Beam Pipes and Supports
* CO2mpact Fine Focus Adjustment
* CO2mpact Lens Nozzle Assembly
* CO2mpact Manual Attenuator
* CO2mpact Reflection Isolator
* CO2mpact Shutter Unit
* CO2mpact Laser Mounts

Please contact: Sigurd van Hof

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