TLB-6900 Vortex II series Tunable Lasers

New Focus introduces the TLB-6900 Vortex II series Tunable Lasers

The Vortex II series tunable lasers are very suitable for precision applications, where frequency stability is of primal importance.
The Star-flex motion actuator and the magnetic damping are an entirely new design and take care of a splendid frequency stability. Mechanical resonances are reduced so that results of the highest order are being achieved as well as with open-loop as with frequentie-locking.
Star-flex is a unique design with only rotational movements without translations. It is a stiff concept with minimal sensitivity for temperature influences. Hence, no positional errors occur in the nanometer range that could cause mode-hops and jitter.

The Vortex II laser functions optimally with the Vortex 6000 controller, that ensures a low noise level and precise temperature stabilisation. The Vortex 6000 controller is equipped with inputs for frequency and current modulation as well as a front panel control of the diode current and PZT voltage. This controller has an RS-232 or IEEE-488 interface.

Major technical specifications:

Nominal wavelength (nm): 780, 795, 852 of 985. Other wavelengths on request.
Power (mW): 7-50 dependent on the nominal wavelength
Line width: < 300 kHz, integrated over 50 ms.
Frequency stability: < = 2 pm
Tuning range: >= 100 GHz.
Modulation frequency: >100 Hz (100 GHz. amplitude), > 1.5 kHz. (>20 GHz. amplitude)
Optical output: free-space or with fiber-coupling.

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