Spectrum Detector, Inc. Announces Breakthrough 100 kHz Digital Joulemeter

Spectrum Detector, Inc., introduced mach 5, a breakthrough 100 kHz digital joulemeter that answers the demand for real-time, pulse-to-pulse energy measurement of high rep rate laser sources.

Capable of better than 100,000 pps measurement with 12-bit accuracy, mach 5 enables users, for the first time ever, to zero-in on each and every pulse of their ultrafast pulsed lasers. The mach 5 captures and stores up to 4 million pulses (40 seconds of data at maximum rep rate) and on command dumps them to the user's PC via a full speed USB 2.0 interface. Comprehensive data analysis and system control is provided by full-featured LabView software and drivers.

The mach 5 is optimal for characterizing such high rep rate sources as diode pumped Q-switched YAG/YLF lasers and ultra short pulse fiber lasers. It is ideal for product development, final test, life test, laser diagnostics, process development and process control. The system is expected to find wide use in applications relating to solar cell processing, semiconductor via hole drilling, wafer scribing and micromachining. The system's compact detector probe and small electronics package also makes it easy to integrate into industrial laser systems for on-board diagnostics and control.

The mach 5 is available with two specially-designed fast joulemeter probes: the M5-SJ high-sensitivity silicon probe for measurement from nJ to uJ and 0.19 to 1.1 um, and the M5-PJ Pyroelectric for measurement from uJ to mJ and 0.25 to 15 um. Key to these probes is a small integrating sphere with a 6 mm input aperture that extends the useful energy range and enhances spatial uniformity. In addition the probes include a detector-mounted thermistor that is used for temperature compensation providing high accuracy and linearity at high average power levels. The complete system - probe and electronics - is accurate to better than 4% and is NIST traceable.

Technical specifications Mach 5

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