Owis introduces new series precision linear stages

The German company OWIS has an extended range of motioncontrol products available like linear position stages as well as rotation and goniometrical units

The various types of linear motorizes stages are providing a solution for applications with each its specific requirements:
- The LIMES stages are suitable for high-precision applications.
- The LTM stages can be used for applications where a slightly less high accuracy is playing a role in combination with a pricing which should be as low as possible.

In addition to the existing series, OWIS is extending the range of choices with respect to the desired travel lengths.
The stages can also be build to specification.

Besides the available protective covering with bellows, now there are also protective metal covers available. The LIMES and LTM stages with metal cover plate are characterized by the following properties:
1. maximum travel with minimum dimensions
2. excellent protection for spindle and bearings
3. maintenance friendly as the spindle and bearings are easy to reach
4. suitable for continuous operation
5. ideal for usage in productlines, inspection systems and R&D environments

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