Dingeman has an optical background, Bart an electronic and Ruben a background in servicinglaser machines: a perfect combination to give full support to our customers. Usually we can imagine quite good what customers really need. It is essential for a company like ours, to translate customers' wishes to our suppliers' products - with or without adaptations or even (read; often!) new developments.

Product knowledge

Our suppliers train us on the use of their products: we can pass this knowledge on to our customers at installation. For us, it is very important that we are able to install a laser plotter table or instrument ourselves. Only in this way we can advise our customers about the (im-)possibilities; we can speak from own experience! 

Application tests

This certainly holds true for our laser marking and cutting stations: we don't believe it is possible to sell them without deep knowledge of laser material processing and materials. In our office we have 3 laser stations that are used almost daily to run tests for and with customers. Sigurd is doing all these tests; he then knows exactly what to offer customers.

Quick repairs

Only few products have eternal life. In case of a defect, we at Laser 2000 can often diagnose correctly and perform repairs. The instrument or laser does not have to return to the (overseas) factory. Only for repairs that would be too complex, we need to involve the factory. And where possible we like to return the repaired product ourselves, and test it together with the customer.

Correct order-handling

At the office, Eric Janmaat and Freek van den Brand take care of the correct processing of your orders: Eric controls all shipments between us, the factories and our customers. He also takes care of the environmental WEEE registration. Freek, our financial director, heads the financial administration and makes sure everybody pays and will be paid.