Pieter Kramer

Pieter is one of the two founders (1999) of the Benelux office of Laser 2000 and Sales Director. Pieter has a science and optical background; he has graduated in Technical Physics at the TU/e in 1988 and has fulfilled several optical-commercial jobs since. Wide optical experience and many contacts in the optical and laser industry are considered his strength.

 For questions and information about our laserproducts please call +31-(0)297-266191 or fill in the questionaire.

Pieter Kramer is your contact for the following suppliers:

Admesy, Brimrose, Cambridge Technology, General Photonics, Labsphere, Light Conversion, Meadowlark Optics (BoulderNS), Opotek, Opta, Photon Engineering - FRED, Piezosystem jena, Technobis

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