Laser 2000 Team

We like to introduce our team. For information about our products or services please contact one of our teammembers or phone us at +31(0)297-266191.

Pieter Kramer

Pieter is one of the two founders (1999) of the Benelux office of Laser 2000 and Sales Director. Pieter has a science and optical background; he has graduated in Technical Physics at the TU/e in 1988 and has fulfilled several optical-commercial jobs since. Wide optical experience and many contacts in the optical and laser industry are considered his strength.

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Bart Hengsdijk

Bart has a vast electronic background and experience, which makes him our specialised electronics engineer. Bart holds a degree in electronics engineering. He is capable of diagnosing and repairing equipment; making him a "trouble shooter". Currently, Bart is specialized in advising and selling electro-optical instrumentation and compact lasers for instrumental applications.

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Freek van den Brand

Freek is one of the two founders of Laser 2000 Benelux. With a background on Finances he is the CFO of our office. Financial departments of our customers/suppliers please contact Freek directly.

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Eric Janmaat

Eric is our logistics specialist. His is responsible for the correct delivery of your products. This includes customs clearance and the AEEA registration of products (WEEE). For any questions or concerns on your deliveries, please contact Eric.

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Ruben van Rossum

Ruben is responsible for the sales and installations of our industrial laser systems like Universal Laser Systems, Synrad, ACi and CNi.

Ruben has been a service engineer for many years in the industrial laser market; in his carreer he developed quite some experience with CO2 and YAG marking and cutting systems.

Because of his technical background, Ruben is also our Service Manager.

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Bram Troost

Bram is onze technisch medewerker gespecialiseerd in LED verlichting voor machine vision systemen, zowel als high speed camera's; de Cyclocam en de Olympus HS camera series.

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Svante van der Rijst

Svante has extensive experience in high-tech servicing of equipment.
Svante is also your point of contact for the sales of our Kiyon gloveboxes.

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Piet van Riel

Piet has extensive knowledge and experience with infrared cameras, high-speed cameras, hyperspectral and multispectral cameras.

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You can contact Davey for lasers in scientific applications. He is responsible for lasers of suppliers such as Cobolt, Crystalaser, Quantel, Opotek, Lightconversion etc.

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