About Laser 2000

Laser 2000 considers it her mission to offer customers the latest available technologies.
If you are interested in optical instruments, components, lightsources, lasers or laser safety; don't look any further. We represent appr. 50 of the most innovative suppliers in this field.

Laser 2000 is not a manufacturer, but a distributor of products.
We represent manufacturers of worldwide signature; and we market, sell and service products in our territory which are the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Together with our customers, we select the right product for the application.

We specialize in:
   lasers and laser systems 
   light and colour metrology 
   motion control
   vision and inspection
   optical components

To worldwide manufacturers of such equipment we offer a GATEWAY into our territory:
Our key selling people count up to 69 man-years of relevant experience in this business. We know our market and possibilities fairly well. We can judge a successful product launch through our own organisation, or chose for different channels.

To our customers, we offer MORE than products:
We offer our deep technical and market knowledge. Both scientific and industrial. Our growing experience allows us to pro-actively think with our customers on their projects, and search solutions within, as well as outside, our normal product offerings.

We like to introduce our team .