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Lightmetrology and instruments:
Stepmotors and piezo-stages:
Machine vision products:
High speed camera’s:
Industrial laser systems:

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Light Sources

Uniform lightsources, UV-SPF lightsource  calibration lamps, microscopy lightsources.


Scientific, industrial and OEM lasers.

Piezo- en Micro-motion

Motorized, piezo- and manual stages and multi-axis assy's. Optics mounts. Optical tables.

Engraving & Cutting Systems

Laser plotter systems and mark-on-the-fly systems

Measuring Light

Light sensors and detectors. Photometry, Colorimetry, Spectrometry, QE.

Measuring Lasers

Power and energy, spectrum, linewidth, beamprofile and M2.

Laserbeam Handling

Galvoheads and stearing, LCD-arrays, EOMs and isolators

Machine vision and Inspection

High-speed camera's, LED illuminators, line lasers, CameraLink extenders, fast colour sensors.


Display-, lamp-, luminaire and LED analysis. Opto-mechanical design software.

Optical Components

optics, filters, LCD-arrays, detectors, photoncounters and optomech.

Laser Safety

Lasersafety goggles, curtains, windows  and alarmsystems


Gloveboxes, purifiers and accessories.

Electronic equipment

Signal-, pulse- and delay generators. Laser diode and TEC controllers.

Tele- and Datacom

Active and passive components, subsystems and instrumentation

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